I am a professional writer and speaker, with a natural, narrative style in both my writing and my speaking voice.

My voice has been described as "deep, smooth and comfortable for listeners, with friendly pacing and he possesses a naturally neutral midwestern American dialect free of any obvious regional vernacular."

I am comfortable reading copy, performing improvisational speaking or a blend of approaches with client points of emphasis as a guide. My job is to create a positive impression of your product or service in the minds of customers, as though a friend were making a recommendation.

I enjoy sharing an author's story with audiobook listeners and accept input from the author to assure the audio version of their work is true in verbal tone and emphasis to that intended in their written work.

I have always enjoyed working with companies to create telephone and voicemail systems to form a positive, friendly mood for customers, vendors and employees in a system that can pose challenges if not properly designed and executed.

Contact me for how I can help create a friendly, professional atmosphere for your product, service, project or company!

 SEAN Harshey